Research Study: Repeat Hotel Guests Increase by 47%

An example of increased brand recognition, loyalty and purchasing behavior


A study carried out by the Coventry University, London Campus analysed the importance of aroma’s on guests experiences at London locations of luxury hotel chains Sheraton Hotels, Shangri-La Hotels and Langham Hotels. The study analysed the results of experience surveys of 80 Male and 80 Female guests across multiple nationalities.


The results of the study identified the positive effect scent has on the behavior and emotions of hotels guests. Notable results of the study:

  • 39% of respondents said they intended to buy the fragrance.


  • 47% of respondents would return to that hotel due to its fragrance


  • 47% of respondents are certain to distinguish brand by their signature fragrance


Buy the Fragrance
Return to the Hotel
Remember the Brand

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