Research Study: Night Club

“Drink purchases, overall enjoyment and dancing activity all increased.”


The researches in the Netherlands conducted a study in the within multiple nightclubs to establish how patrons would respond to three different fragrances that were diffused into different dance clubs.


Around 850 young club goers were asked to rate experience of the venue. The results concluded that patrons in a scented night club evaluated their experience much higher than those in a none scented club. It was also noted that drink purchases, overall enjoyment and dancing activity all increased.

  • Increased drink purchases



  • Increased overall enjoyment



  • Increased dancing activity



This research was sourced from:
H NJ. Schifferstein, K SS. Talke, D J Oudshoorn; Can Ambient Scent Enhance the Nightlife Experience?, Chemosensory Perception, Delft University of Technology and University of Hamburg, Netherlands, 2011.

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