Research Study: Increased Spending behaviour

An example of a spending behaviour.


A Washington State University study in 2012 set out to discover the impact that a scented shopping centre would have on shoppers. Over 18 weekdays, the researchers watched more than 400 customers in a St. Gallen Mall in Switzerland.


The study found that shoppers in a scented shopping environment spent an average of 20% more. This is because certain fragrances help to warp the perceived length of time a consumer may spend in a particular area or centre.

“Customers on average spent 20% more and bought more items in a scented store.”

This research was sourced from:
Spangenberg E, Herrman A, Sprott D, Zidansek M; Journal of Retailing
Washington State University USA and the University of St. Gallen Switzerland, 2012

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