Case Study: Perceived waiting time decreased by 22%

An example of decreased perceived waiting times and improved room evaluations.


A study at the University of Tsukuba, Japan in 2014, set to analyze the effect that lavender and orange aromas can have on a persons evaluation of a space, experience and their perceived waiting time. 63 participants from 32 different countries took part in the study and were randomly distributed into 3 groups.


The room was rated higher under the presence of scent with participants rating the room as wider, warmer, more relaxing and pleasant. Perceived waiting times were decreased with the presence of scent in order from the control to the orange to the lavender groups. It was noted that between the control and lavender groups the perceived waiting time decreased by 22%.

Decreased Waiting Time

This research was sourced from:
Vilaplana A, Yamanaka T; The waiting room: Improving space through smell, University of Tsukuba June 2014

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